What Is NKM4YOU?

Established in 2015 & lead by Pasztory Consulting e.U., NKM4YOU is a network of independent consultants and nuclear environmentalists who believe that nuclear energy has a relevant role in the energy mix of most countries. Our subject matter experts came from countries including Canada, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, the UK, and the USA. As a result of the service request of our customers, the capability of NKM4YOU network is continuously expanding to include new competencies.

NKM4YOU answers the needs of (nuclear) organizations in the development of knowledge management systems/activities, human resource development, and workforce planning issues. We are also the right partner for your organization if you are experiencing difficulties fulfilling the new requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 for Managing Organizational Knowledge.

The NKM4YOU Team mission is to support organizations in the nuclear industry and other industries through the development of their KM competencies. We help you to achieve 3xright: the right knowledge at the right time in the right place!


NKM4YOU Clients


Our clients are nuclear and non-nuclear organizations, radiation safety organizations, organizations in the area of nuclear applications, and all others who need help in the development of their Knowledge Management Systems or in managing their organizational knowledge. NKM4YOU clients enjoy many new advantages when they adopt a strategic KM model that promotes knowledge communities and applications that support knowledge management.

NKM4YOU Competencies (in alphabetical order)

  • Organization competency mapping

  • Configuration management

  • Damaged fuel and nuclear waste management

  • E-learning product development

  • Emergency preparedness and severe accident handling

  • Human resource management

  • IAEA Safety Standards

  • Information management & content management

  • IT solutions & IT security

  • Knowledge loss risk assessment

  • Knowledge management implementation integration into management systems

  • Leadership / policy / strategy formulation

  • Management systems integration / process improvement / business process reengineering
  • Nuclear regulations

  • Plant equipment ageing management

  • Plant information models

  • Plant organization and administration

  • Plant process management

  • Quality management – ISO 9001:2015 requirement on Knowledge Management

  • Risk management

  • Safety culture and organizational culture

  • Semantic searching

  • Stakeholder management

  • Value engineering

  • Virtual Reality product development

  • Workforce Planning